Yellowstone National Park is a national treasure. For artists, scenery abounds. The Yellowstone River cuts a canyon, appropriately named “The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone”, which hosts two beautiful waterfalls. The upper and lower falls of the Yellowstone River. The lower falls have been painted since their discovery by early American painters such as Moran and Bierstadt. Moran’s paintings had a great deal of influence on Congress in the creation of Yellowstone as the first National Park. Being small, this scene is a closer view than most large paintings depict. I wanted to convey the Hudson River School look to the painting as did the early painters. The falls are quite dramatic. Having visited them personally, they leave one in sincere awe at the sheer power of nature to create truly ageless and majestic scenery. I studied many public domain images of the falls before arriving at this composition. Early black and white photos, along with my own images from a visit years ago and careful study of early paintings, resulted in this intimate little impression of unbridled force and beauty.


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