Rocky Mountain Alpine Stream

“Rocky Mountain Trout Stream”

I feel at ease in the deep forest. The alpine forests of Colorado have many fine hiking and walking trails. Many will take you so far away from noise that quiet takes on a new meaning. There is a natural sense of both comfort and caution, particularly if alone. I can think in the deep forest, about things that matter. Life, love, God. It reminds me that I too am an animal. I am classified as a species, just like…

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Great Falls of the Yellowstone oil Painting

“Great Falls of the Yellowstone”

Yellowstone National Park is a national treasure. For artists, scenery abounds. The Yellowstone River cuts a canyon, appropriately named “The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone”, which hosts two beautiful waterfalls. The upper and lower falls of the Yellowstone River. The lower falls have been painted since their discovery by early American painters such as Moran and Bierstadt. Moran’s paintings had a great deal of influence on Congress in the creation of Yellowstone as the first National Park. Being small, this…

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Green River Arch

“Green River Arch”

The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for 1/8 of the total land mass of the United States. That’s about 247 million acres. These are public lands and provide some of the most spectacular scenery one can find. Of course, that’s the trick. Finding those scenes. The Green River in Utah cuts a deep canyon through Utah near Moab. 1000′ above the river stands this arch. Getting there is an hour drive from Moab, mostly dirt road. Quiet and remote,…

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Professor Valley, Utah

“Professor Valley, Utah”

Professor Valley in Southern Utah is best known perhaps, for all the western films that were staged there. And there’s a reason for that. It’s beautiful! I love driving the road from I-70 at Danish Flats all the way to Moab. The scenery just never stops. You can focus on small details, big vistas, or anything in between. This early morning scene provided plenty of inspiration. [buy_now_info] [buy_status_sold]

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Colorado River Sidewater

“Colorado River Sidewater”

There is a highway that parallels the Colorado river for a few miles through Professor Valley. If you pull off the road and do a bit of exploring you will likely find scenes similar to this one. very large boulders calve off the canyon cliffs and end up in the river occasionally. The flow diverts around them, and along with the buildup of silt in front and behind, a short sidewater forms. When the light is right, the canyon walls…

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Spring Snowmelt Coming Down

“Spring Snowmelt Coming Down”

The Colorado River is a mighty, violent river by most descriptions. But every River has a beginning that is no more than a ground spring. High in the mountains of Colorado, such a spring births the Colorado River we are all familiar with. As it travels down, other springs, creeks and rivers meet it and add to its growth. This scene is about 200 miles downstream from the original spring. Already, a holding dam has reduced the flow, as well…

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Upper Colorado River Snowmelt

“Early Spring, Upper Colorado River”

High in the mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park, at Poudre Pass, the Colorado River rises as a small stream draining a wet meadow. It makes its way down from almost two miles above sea level, gathering waters from tributaries along the way. When it reaches Glenwood Springs it takes in the Roaring Fork river. About three miles further downstream I found this scene on a pull-off. Rivers are symbolic to me of the value of moving forward in life.…

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Rocky Mountain Elk

“Rocky Mountain Elk”

When I first saw and heard the bugling of bull elk it was in the Fall. Rocky Mountain National Park was the location and Elk have been my favorite wild animal ever since. They are large, heavy, graceful and mighty. They walk with authority…like Yul Brynner in the “King and I” or “The Magnificent Seven”. They are in charge. Watching them and sketching them is fun and inspiring. Their habitat and behaviors make wonderful subjects for painting. [buy_now_info] [buy_status_sold]

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San Juan Valley, Ouray, Colorado

“San Juan Valley, Ouray, Colorado”

The three or four mile stretch of highway before the town limits of Ouray, Colorado has some really beautiful scenery. You do have to pull off on the side road paralleling the highway to stop and find the best opportunities though. I found this scene looking back toward Montrose while on one of the connecting roads between the highway and side road. Ouray too is full of scenes ideal for conveying the personality of a small western mountain town. [buy_now_info]…

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Ryan Park, Colorado

“Ryan Park, Colorado”

Ryan Park Colorado is a place in the wilderness accessible by 4wd vehicle. There is nothing there but wilderness canyons and open valleys. I like to explore so upon hearing of Ryan Park, I decided to go there. This scene was one I captured on the way back. It struck me as a beautiful, long range vista that would make a nice painting. There were actually a lot of scenes in Ryan Park and I made notes, sketches and photos…

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