James West, ArtistHello! Thank you for visiting. My name is James West and I am an Oil Painter. I’ve drawn and sketched since I was five or six and enjoyed a career as a Designer in several industries over the last thirty years. The language of a Designer is drawing and sketching. So, as a profession, it suited me well.

A few years ago I made some major changes in my life. I had always wanted to paint landscapes and nature. So I decided to leave the rat race in Atlanta, move to Grand Junction, Colorado, and spend the rest of my days leading a very simple, uncomplicated life. And of course, pursue becoming an Oil Painter.

I am self taught regarding the technicalities of painting in oils. But nature, design, studying the work of historical major artists, and developing keen observation over the years has led me to becoming an Artist.

An introvert, I tend to shy away from large crowds and the traditional means of marketing one’s works of art. The Internet has provided a means for me to sell works as well as make new friends and patrons. For those individuals I am very grateful. I am thankful too for the Internet’s unique opportunities for introducing good folk like you to the work I produce.

My simplistic lifestyle doesn’t provide the means to travel the country painting “on the circuit” or embed myself in the many social organizations available for recognition, awards and exposure. Thus, my artistic livelihood depends on your interest and word of mouth.

My hope is that here, you will find reasonably priced works in oil, created by a solitary artist with a unique and sincere appreciation of nature, life, and the beauty found therein. That is what I wish to share with you through oil painting. The peace, majesty, and quietness of nature in a world that can’t stop talking.

Thank you again for your interest! Please feel free to contact me any time. I am more than happy to hear from and converse with you regarding my own work or painting in general.

My best to you,
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